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Our very scary and old hearse driver.............Ichabod, is waiting to see you again, and like every year, he has some special little surprises for you............ Ichabod with his very scary Halloween attire and and the ghostly mist that encompasses your haunted Halloween Limo, we present:

Haunted Halloween Ghost Tours

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There's a frighteningly cold chill in the air tonight as your Halloween party bus or limousine arrives to take you and your party on a ghostly ride for a fright filled evening...

You’ll enjoy the drive by of the most haunted old cemetery in Orlando where there are many creepy and frightful figures waiting to greet  the poor unknowing person that may wonder in occasionally.....some come out, some don't!

Make sure you hang on to each other, and if you're quiet, you may hear them whispering to you, inviting you in....but don't be lured, we might not ever see you again!

Then ..........

We take you to your first Halloween Haunted house............do you dare?  There is a fire in the fireplace that you can see through the window as we approach, as always on Halloween night......but what are they burning?  It looks like the old caretaker is peeking out the window in search of new potential victims!

This old condemned manor invites you in and the horror begins the moment you cross the threshold of this mansion.  We carry the passes that  take you right to head of the line, there will be no turning back now!

Then #2…..

Do you think you can take the next frightful encounter?

Time is running out and the bewitching hour is close, after you have experienced the ancient mystery of this long abandoned scary house, you may be wanting to hit a haunted bar, as your throat may be dry and in need of a drink...to dull the senses and quench your thirst.

Your ghoul of a  driver, Ichabod has many long relationships with(smirking) with old haunts and if you have any mind left, you can let old Ichabod know and he will take you there with maybe just a short trip pass the cemetery again, just so he can say goodbye to a few of his old frights until next year..

Make sure to take pictures with Ichabod….as the centuries pass, he likes to remember the ones that got away..................
Last years Terrified Group.............with our goodie bags

Your Ghoulish Bar

Orlando Prom Limos Spooky interior

Make your Halloween in Orlando the best Halloween ever!  Whether you take a limousine or a van or the Party Bus, you will have such a great time with our one-of-a-kind drivers for your Halloween night!

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